Covid-19 Update

In light of the current public health crisis, Atomik Vixen are following guidance closely with relations to how we conduct our business and how we should be playing our part in reducing the risks to the people around us, as well as our clients and our team. Therefore, we have taken the following steps:

  • on Monday 16th March we started remote working bringing all relevant paperwork/computer systems back to our homes. But we reassure our clients that like in the office, in our homes we have secure WiFi and continue to use our usual computer with security systems in place.
  • Any client files stored at home are securely stored and kept confidential, as they would be in the office.
  • We have ceased all physical face to face meetings and we are now conducting meetings via Zoom and Skype (be warned you may either a bird or a cat fly past depending on who you are talking to!)
  • We have worked closely with clients who we are working on events with to discuss the safety of carying forwards, and we are advising them to check government advise closely. At present all events we have been working with have been either been cancelled or postponed until next year.
  • We have been direct our local clients to this infomrative summary of support available to businesses to this site
  • We will not be retruning to our studio until it is both safe and senisble to do so, at present we can work from home and so will continue to do so.
  • Although we will take new enquiries for event management projects, we will not particpate in any events which will be a hazard to publcis safety, and again will be advising new clients as such.

Zoom Up!

We are offering free Zoom or Skype training and support for any of our clients or prospective clients or any lcoal businesses who are yet to get to grips with Zoom or Skype in the these tricky times.

Here are a few of our top tips for those of you who have managed getting on to a Zoom Call:

  • When you join a meeting ALWAYS have your mic muted- you never know if you ahve come in mid-chat! you ahve an option to do this on settings
  • You can share your screen- its great fro showing a report, working on deisgn or web changes.
  • There is a lovely little setting for “touch up appearance”! It doesn’t hide your pyjamas but it does make you look a bit less tired!
  • Personally we always enable the Waiting Room as it means you have complete control of who gets in the meeting, regardless of the who has the link.

Buddy Up

We know how hard these times can be out of the office, and isolate from your office buddies, so we are offering an office buddy system! Want an anti-procrastination buddy, someone to share a coffee break with? Just drop us a line and we will happily oblige- we will save you from drawing eyes on vegetables and recreating your office buddies (we’ve been there it always ends in tears.)

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