The Copy Queen

Introducing the fabulous Jade Fothergill, who has been supporting us here at Atomik Vixen for last couple of years with some of our clients- and we adore her. Not only is she amazing at the work she does, but she is so much fun to work with- which means a meeting with her is always a high point in our day!

With over twenty years’ experience in crafting prose for any occasion, Jade writes lively, readable, informative copy on just about anything from semi-conductors to salsa music. An eagle eye for detail and a talent for linguistics makes Jade an intuitive editor and proof-reader who can sharpen up essays, correspondence, web-copy or marketing material quickly and thoroughly.

Jade can also offer personalised, well-researched blogs, articles and press releases, as well as effective social media management, translation from Spanish and Japanese to English and advice on international business etiquette. ​Jade is especially skilled at redaction and the revision and improvement of copy written in English by speakers of other languages.

Message us here if you want to hear more about what Jade can do for your business.

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